Privacy Policy


Berwick Potteries ensures the integrity and privacy of our customer details are maintained and upheld at all times and not sold to any other organization for any reason.

The personal information collected from customers will only be used for the purposes of establishing a registry, for the purposes of notifying the customer of the availability of promotional offers, or used to enhance our understanding of their needs and to enable us to communicate more effectively with them.

Security Online

We are committed to protecting our customers personal information. We will always endeavor to provide you with the securest environment possible while browsing our website. We cannot however be held responsible for the actions of any third party that is not under the control of Berwick Potteries.

Whilst connected to the Internet you must always be vigilant when it comes to supplying people with your personal details. At Berwick Potteries we use encryption on our web servers when you transfer any details to us that might be sensitive. This means that if someone else was watching the information as it is being sent they cannot read it due to the encryption.