About Us

Berwick Potteries was established in 1968 by the Handwerk family in a disused tile factory. Berwick Potteries began as a tile manufacturer. However, by the late 1970's glazed pottery became the predominant product, being fired in the 100 year old down draught kiln that remains a feature at the Pottery, as the family slowly established themselves as a manufacturer of flower pots, while tiles diminished in production.

In 1981 a new era began with the purchase of a shuttle kiln. This enabled a vast range of terra cotta pots to be made and fired within a much shorter period of time. Subsequently the old down draught kilns were used less and less.

Terra Cotta and Slate coloured pots slowly became more popular than glazed pots and in 1985 the last firing of the down draught kiln was completed. Two more shuttle kilns were built to accommodate the extra production, coinciding with the arrival of a new pot machine purchased to produce a larger range of pots.

In the 1990's, increasing public demand saw more and more products were brought in from both Australian suppliers and Overseas to meet consumer demands.

The new millenium saw even further changes take place at Berwick Potteries. In mid 2001, production at the historic pottery ceased. However, the Berwick Potteries's range continued to grow through bringing in imported and local products.

In 2010, Berwick Potteries continues to grow by utilising a wide number of sources to give, you the customer, a diverse and modern range of products.